5 Self-Care Habits For Your Daily Routine…

At Revive, we are big believers in self-care and over the last year I have been working on positive habits to incorporate into my daily routine.

I thought I would share some of them with you …

  1. Go outside first thing in the morning

Getting sunshine in the morning can help balance your body’s internal clock and make it easier to fall asleep at night. Although it may be cold out there, with many people in isolation and lockdown, getting outside for a walk is so important.


  1. Avoid caffeine after 10am

Did you know it can take 5-6 hours for half of the caffeine you consume to leave your system? That means if you drink a cup of coffee at 1 pm, it’s probably still going to be in your system if you try to go to sleep at 10 pm. Lately I have been enjoying more herbal teas.


  1. Keep work and self-care spaces separate

It’s been really tempting to work from the couch when I’m at home all day, but it wreaks havoc on my back. Because of that, I’ve made sure I start my workday from my desk. If I want to move to the couch later in the day, that’s fine, but my new rule is that I can’t start the day from the couch.


  1. Wind-down without screens an hour before bed

Author Michael Breus recommends spending the first 20 minutes of your wind-down routine getting ready for tomorrow, the next 20 minutes for hygiene habits like brushing your teeth, and the last 20 minutes for a calming habit like reading, stretching, or meditating. This structure is something I often forget to do, but I like the breakdown of the wind-down hour so I thought I’d share it.


  1. Read self help books

We all can gain a little something from a positive self-help book from time to time and this is especially true if you’re going through a tough time in life and need some guidance or perspective on life.


Reading self-help books are a great way to motivate you, bring some positivity into your life, and lift your spirits when you’re lost or down.

Lately I have been reading ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ by Vex King and it’s one of the best books I’ve read!

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Rebecca x


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